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Auto vs. Truck Accident Personal Injury Cases


Did you know that truck accidents cause 9.2% of all fatal accidents in the state of Colorado?

You may assume that a personal injury claim involving a car accident is similar to one involving a truck. However there are some major differences and it is important to know the differences when it comes to truck accident personal injury cases.

That’s why today, we’re going to break down the difference in personal injury lawsuits between truck accidents and auto accidents. Keep reading to learn more!

First and foremost, if you’ve recently been involved in a truck accident, it’s important for you to seek out a qualified personal injury attorney before speaking with an insurance company. They will look to settle with you for a fraction of the money you deserve. You should also check out information on what do do right after an accident involving a truck.

Truck Accidents Are More Severe

Across the United States, 5,005 people died in truck accidents last year. Since 2010, that leads to a 36% increase.

When a large truck gets into an accident with a car, the driver and passengers of the car tend to be severely hurt. This is because the impact of the large trucks is much greater than the impact of a car. So, it leads to an increase in the amount of damage that the vehicle and the occupants of the vehicle have.

What Are the Causes of Truck Accidents?

There are many shared causes of accidents between car accidents and truck accidents. One example of a shared cause is speeding. However, there are rules truck drivers must follow while they’re operating heavy equipment.

When a truck driver doesn’t follow these rules, it can lead to dangerous consequences for people on the road. Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of truck accidents:

Poor Truck Maintenance

For a truck driver to ensure that his truck is safe to operate while on the road, he needs to be practicing proper truck maintenance. But if he doesn’t practice proper truck maintenance, it can cause Trouble to develop while they are out on the road.

For example, a truck driver needs to ensure that his truck is in perfect working condition before he takes his rig out on the road. However, if he doesn’t do a pre-trip before taking his rig out, he may not be aware that there are things on his truck that aren’t operating probably. If he doesn’t check his brake lights, for example, his brake lights might not turn on when he is breaking.

As a result, this could cause someone to crash into the back of the tractor-trailer.

Working Long Hours

Trucking companies are often under deadlines to deliver or pick up goods within a specific timeline. This can lead to long hours for truckers trying to keep up with quotas. The consequences can be overworked and exhausted truck drivers. As a result truck drivers may not follow the rules on how long they are allowed to drive.

Inappropriate Stopping Distance

Tractor-trailers are heavy compared to the standard car out on the road. that’s why trucks need is longer stopping distance than the average car on the road. But, if a truck driver doesn’t give himself enough space to stop oh, it can cause a tractor-trailer to crash into the vehicles in front of it.

Road Conditions

A truck driver needs to make adjustments with how he drives when the conditions on the road change. For example, if it’s dark outside, a tractor-trailer needs to drive a certain way. Also, if it’s raining or snowing, there are other ways that a tractor-trailer needs to drive to ensure the safety of everybody out on the road.

However, as truck drivers are responsible it doesn’t make the necessary adjustments to how they drive while operating in poor road conditions, it can cause an accident.


Another Common cause of truck accidents is speeding. When a truck driver goes above the posted speed limit, it makes it difficult for a truck driver to react to certain road hazards or road conditions in time. This is why it’s necessary for truck drivers to follow the posted speed limit at all times.

Also, not only does speeding while you’re operating a truck make it more likely that the truck driver is going to get into an accident, but it also increases the severity of the accident. So, if you’ve been hurt in a truck accident, that’s why it’s important for you to contact a personal injury lawyer. They’ll help you to understand what type of compensation you’re entitled to.

Why Are Truck Accidents More Severe Than Car Accidents?

Truck accidents have unique aspects that regular car accidents don’t have. This is what makes them more complicated than the average car accident.

For example, there’s a lot more evidence to review with a truck accident. This is because the trucking industry is highly regulated and that the truck driver needs a special license to operate the vehicle that they’re driving.

Also, when you are involved in a truck accident, there are many parties that are liable for the accident. This means that not only can a truck driver that hurt you can be held liable for the accident.  The company that they’re working for can also be held responsible for your accident, depending on certain circumstances.

We Can Help You Understand The Complexity Of Truck Accident Personal Injury Cases

What you personally recover from a personal injury lawsuit when you’re involved in a truck accident will depend on your specific case. If you’re hurt in an accident with a  truck, it’s important that you seek immediate legal representation. An experienced personal injury attorney will guide you through the laws that were broken by the truck driver in your case and how you can receive compensation for your injuries.

Contact our team of experienced truck accident lawyers today to discuss the weaknesses and strengths of their case. We are here to help you make the right decisions to win at the recovery that you deserve from your accident.

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