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Tips and Advice for Navigating Denver’s Rush Hour Traffic

Tips and Advice for Navigating Denver’s Rush Hour TrafficThe Denver metro area has exploded in population in recent years, with an ever-increasing amount of suburbs feeding into the congested downtown area—especially during the workday.

At Colorado Accident Attorneys, we’ve seen how accident rates have increased as city roads have become more congested. If you’re not from an area with heavy traffic, this could be incredibly frustrating for you. With a little bit of planning and testing, you can navigate Denver’s rush hour traffic with a little bit less stress.

Traffic isn’t unique to Denver—drivers in U.S. cities spent an average of 51 hours stuck in traffic in 2022—but few cities have seen the unprecedented growth of Denver. Denver is ranked 18th in the nation in terms of cities with the worst traffic. The average driver loses 54 hours to traffic each year, costing about $912. The average speed downtown is just 14 miles per hour.

All of this traffic leads to preventable accidents. If you or someone you love has been injured in a Denver car accident, call a Denver car accident attorney at 303-567-7981 or submit a contact form to set up a consultation now.

Adjust Your Departure Times

If you have any flexibility in your arrival time, tweak your departure time to account for rush hour traffic. The worst driving times in Denver are 8-9 A.M. and 4-6 P.M. In the morning, just a slight tweak in your departure time could help you miss the worst of rush hour traffic. As an added benefit, arriving to work early could allow you to leave early enough to miss the evening rush hour.

Use RTD Light Rail

Whether you take your car into the city or not, Denver’s RTD light rail can be very helpful. If you can adjust your route to use public transit, the light rail can save you time, money, and stress. Even if you do have to take your car, though, consider light rail parking. Many of the light rail stations have parking options that are much more affordable than other city lots, saving you a few dollars.

Additionally, if you find that traffic is worse once you get into Denver itself, consider parking your car at the first light rail station you find and then taking public transit to get to your final destination.

Familiarize Yourself With Bicycling Laws

Colorado as a whole is known for its outdoorsy population, and Denver is not exempt from that. There are tons of pedestrians and bicyclists in Denver, and in general, they tend to be bolder than those you’ll find in other major cities. Where other bicyclists might stop to see if drivers give them right of way, Denver bicyclists may plow on ahead without a second glance. Make sure you know when they have the right of way so you can avoid accidents.

Be Prepared for Erratic Weather

Life in Colorado is marked by unpredictable weather, and changes in the weather can have a significant impact on your commute. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and adjust your commute as needed, no matter how unlikely the forecast seems. A bright, sunny day can turn into a downpour with minimal visibility in minutes. In winter, the unpredictable weather is even worse, so keep the supplies you may need in your vehicle.

Keep an Eye Out for One-Way Streets

There are quite a few one-way streets in Denver, and if you’re not paying attention, it’s easy to turn the wrong way down one. If you use a GPS app, it will likely mark those roads off for you.

Consider Alternate Highways

I-25 and I-70 are the two busiest highways in Denver. They’re convenient and easy to drive on, which is why they are packed to the gills during rush hour. Try to see if a slightly different route using I-76, I-270, and E470 could save you time and stress.

Use the Right Driving App

A driving app that allows drivers to report traffic buildup can automatically reroute other drivers to faster roads. Waze is a popular option, but check different apps—a traffic-based GPS app is only as good as the user reports it receives.

Involved in a Denver Car Accident? Call Colorado Car Accident Lawyers

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