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Fort Collins Uber & Lyft Accident Attorneys

Colorado accident injury lawyersRidesharing has completely revolutionized the transportation industry, forcing taxis to reconsider their business model and giving consumers tons of options when they aren’t able or willing to drive. Of course, relying on someone else for a ride comes with its own issues—including the risk of an accident. Rideshare accidents can be harder to navigate than other types of vehicle crashes, which is why it’s important to work with a lawyer.

At Colorado Accident Attorneys, we understand how a rideshare accident can leave you confused and unsure of what to do next. Call us at 303-567-7981 to start your claim now.

Common Causes of Rideshare Accidents in Fort Collins

A wide range of factors can cause rideshare collisions, including:

  • Distracted driving—if a rideshare driver is looking for their next ride or an add-on ride, they may not be focusing on the road
  • Fatigued driving—some rideshare drivers spend over 10 hours driving per day, driving up the likelihood of a fatigue-related crash
  • Impaired driving
  • Speeding
  • Driving too fast for conditions
  • Defective vehicle components
  • Unsafe lane changes or turns
  • Failing to yield right of way

What You Need to Know About Rideshare Collisions

As a rideshare user, you should know that you are covered by insurance when you order a ride. Under Colorado law, rideshare drivers must have specific types of coverage at each step of a ride. While a rideshare driver may purchase rideshare vehicle insurance on their own to meet these requirements, most simply use the insurance coverage provided by Uber or Lyft. Specific rideshare insurance kicks in the moment a driver turns on their app. If an accident occurs when they are waiting for a ride request, the company pays up to $50,000 for bodily injury per victim with a $100,000 maximum per accident. Once a driver has accepted a ride, both companies offer $1 million in liability coverage.

You can access this coverage whether or not you are a passenger of the rideshare driver. If you are their passenger, it should be relatively easy to get their driver information for your personal injury claim. If you are hit by a rideshare driver when you are in another vehicle, you may have to go through the rideshare company to fight for compensation.

What if an accident happens when a rideshare driver isn’t working? If they do not have the app on, no rideshare coverage applies. Their own personal insurance policy is responsible for crashes that happen on a driver’s own time.

How to Pursue Compensation After a Collision

If you are injured in a crash or suffer property damage, it’s important to document your losses from the very beginning. The more successful you are at showing how the accident affected you and your quality of life, the easier it may be to secure a fair settlement. Your attorney will look at the details of your case and help you understand what you may be entitled to. Compensation is often given for:

  • Medical expenses and bills
  • Lost income
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Disability
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Do You Need a Rideshare Attorney? Yes—Here’s Why

After a rideshare accident, you may be wondering if you really need to hire an attorney. The driver of the rideshare vehicle has insurance and the rideshare company provides insurance—can’t you just negotiate directly with them?

While you always have the right to negotiate on your own behalf with the insurance company, doing so can lead to recovering far less than you are entitled to.Insurance companies are not in favor of fairly compensating victims of negligence, therefore, you may be subject to unfair compensation should you endure this process alone. On the flip side, if you bring Colorado Accident Attorneys to the table, the insurance company will know that they cannot pull the wool over your eyes. If they try to pull a fast one on you, they risk ending up in court and having to pay even more than what you are asking for. The sooner you bring us into your personal injury claim, the sooner we can start advocating for you and pursuing the compensation you deserve.

Contact Our Fort Collins Rideshare Accident Attorneys to Talk About Your Legal Options

If you’re ready to take action after being hurt in a rideshare accident in Fort Collins, we’re your next call. At Colorado Accident Attorneys, we know how a rideshare collision can leave you injured, in financial distress, and battling emotional trauma. Let us help you fight for the compensation you deserve. Give us a call at 303-567-7981 or fill out our online contact form to start your injury claim now.