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Does Liability Insurance Cover You If It’s Not Your Fault?

Does Liability Insurance Cover You If It’s Not Your FaultSigning up for an auto insurance policy feels like it requires an entirely separate college degree. The terms they use are confusing and the explanations are often shockingly unclear. Then, when you get involved in an accident in Colorado, you’re left with more questions than answers. Does your insurance pay for your losses or does the other party? What if you are at fault for the collision? Luckily, you don’t have to figure it out alone. You could be entitled to compensation if someone else caused an accident and you suffered injuries. Call our team of Colorado Springs car accident attorneys at 303-567-7981 to set up a consultation with our team now.

Colorado, like every other state, has minimum insurance requirements. Your insurance policy must cover at least $25,000 for bodily injury or death per person in an accident and $50,000 for all victims in an accident, as well as $15,000 in property damage for each accident. Those numbers may sound low, and you’re right. If you cause a serious accident, your policy limits could be hit before the victims even reach the emergency room. Insurance providers generally recommend carrying more than the minimum to protect you from lawsuits.

An Overview of Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is required for all vehicle owners in Colorado. The liability coverage you purchase, however, covers damage you cause to other vehicles and people. It does not protect you in an accident that is not your fault. If you cause a collision, your insurance will pay up to policy limits for injuries and property damage.

However, if you are in a car accident caused by someone else, their liability insurance will kick in and cover damage caused to you. The compensation available to you depends on several different factors, including their policy limits, how clear liability is, and how severe your injuries are.

Protection When Someone Else Causes an Accident

Having seen Colorado’s minimum insurance limits, you may be worried about what happens if you are hit by someone with minimum coverage—or worse, someone with no coverage at all. There are several different types of coverage you may purchase for your own insurance policy that can protect you.

First, you’ll likely be offered comprehensive and collision coverage. Collision coverage pays for your property damage in an accident, regardless of who is at fault. This allows you to get your vehicle repaired or replaced in a timely manner without going through the entire process with the other party’s company. Your insurance company will then seek compensation from their insurance.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is also a good investment. Yes, it may feel unfair to spend more of your own money protecting yourself from others’ poor financial decisions, but it’s better than being out hundreds of thousands of dollars because you were unlucky enough to be hit by an uninsured driver. Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage covers your bodily injury losses when the other driver has no insurance or inadequate insurance. It does not cover your vehicle damage; that’s where collision coverage comes into play.

Your Legal Options After a Crash Caused by Someone Else

You are required to report car accidents to your insurance company as soon as possible after they occur. This is part of your contract with them, as it allows them to begin their investigation in a timely manner. The other party will notify their insurance company as well, and it’s important for your insurance provider to hear your side of the story.

This is also an excellent time to talk to a car accident lawyer in Colorado. If you’ve suffered injuries and property damage, you could have tens of thousands of dollars in losses—and you shouldn’t be left covering that on your own. A car accident attorney in Colorado can help you hold the negligent party accountable and demand the compensation you are owed.

Choose Colorado Accident Attorneys for Your Accident Claim

When you’re ready to move forward with your car accident claim, our team of Colorado car accident lawyers is here for you. We’ll investigate your accident, determine liability, and assess your losses. This puts us in the ideal position to fight for every dollar you deserve. Take the first step now by contacting us online or at 303-567-7981.

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