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Denver Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Colorado accident injury lawyersDenver is known for its walkability, from Capitol Hill and La Alma to Platt Park. In a city that is designed to be explored on foot or on bike, you’d expect low pedestrian accident rates. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Denver has an incredibly high number of pedestrian injuries and fatalities, despite legislative and enforcement efforts to bring these numbers down.

That’s why it’s so important to know your rights if you are injured in a pedestrian accident. With the help of Colorado Accident Attorneys, our Denver pedestrian accident lawyers can fight for the compensation you need to get back on your feet after a crash. Call us at 303-567-7981 to get started now.

What Causes Pedestrian Accidents in Denver?

Many driver and pedestrian errors can lead to pedestrian collisions. No matter who’s to blame, the goal is the same: to stop pedestrians from being injured or killed on Denver streets. Unfortunately, pedestrian deaths are on the rise throughout Colorado. Deaths peaked in 2020, with only a slight dip in 2021. Experts indicate that a range of issues have led to this increase:

  • Crossing outside of intersections; even if pedestrians can legally cross outside of crosswalks, most crashes are at non-intersections
  • Motorists failing to stop before going through a crosswalk
  • Distracted walking or driving
  • Limited visibility at nighttime
  • Speeding
  • Failing to anticipate pedestrian activity in heavily walked areas

Injuries Commonly Reported After Crashes

crosswalkPedestrian injuries run the full spectrum of severity, from accidents that cause nothing more than a bruised ego to those that result in fatality. Pedestrians often suffer broken bones in these crashes, especially in the arms, legs, and hips. Head and brain injuries are also relatively common, particularly when a pedestrian is thrown a substantial distance. Traumatic brain injuries vary quite a bit in severity, and the effects may be permanent in some cases.

Bruises, cuts, and lacerations are very common to pedestrians in pedestrian-auto accidents. Pedestrians who suffer open wounds are also at a heightened risk of infection if they come into direct contact with the dirty street.

Additionally, it is important to remember the mental health consequences of collisions. Pedestrians who have been struck by a vehicle can suffer with the traumatic memory of the event for weeks, months, and even years later. Unfortunately, if the remembrance of the trauma goes untreated it could become permanent anxiety and or depression.

Protecting Yourself After a Pedestrian-Auto Collision

Your first priority after a pedestrian-auto collision is to protect yourself. Protect yourself by setting up a strong case from the inception. While still on the scene, call the police, get the at fault driver’s insurance and contact information, and then immediately see a doctor. Some injuries aren’t outwardly visible, such as ruptured organs and internal bleeding. The longer you wait to get these injuries identified and treated, the more likely they are to become dangerous. As soon as you have talked to the police, get to an urgent care center or emergency room. If you are critically injured, you should take an ambulance to the nearest hospital.

As soon as you can, write down everything you can remember about the crash. The details will fade quickly, but you’ll need to be able to recall those details as your attorney builds your case. That’s also why you should hire an attorney as soon as possible—they can get your side of the story while it’s still fresh in your mind and talk to any eyewitnesses while they remember everything.

How Our Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Can Help

Working with the team at Colorado Accident Attorneys allows you to rest easy and focus on healing while we take care of your personal injury claim. Pedestrian accidents can be devastating, often leaving you with serious injuries and limited options. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t exactly make it easy on you. Their goal isn’t doing what’s right for you; it’s doing what’s best for their company’s bottom line. That means paying you the absolute least they can in exchange for you signing away your right to sue.

As we build your case, we’ll also protect you from the aggressive tactics used by insurance adjusters. These tactics serve only to reduce the value of your potential settlement and hurt your claim. By taking over communication with the insurance company, we protect your rights and your case.

Start Your Denver Pedestrian Accident Claim Today

Right now, you may be reeling from the aftermath of a pedestrian accident in Denver. While you may feel alone, you don’t have to go through this process by yourself. At Colorado Accident Attorneys, we approach cases with empathy for our clients and a passion for helping them receive justice. Find out how we can help you now—call our team at 303-567-7981 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation right away.