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Denver Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Colorado accident injury lawyersImagine it: you’re cruising along the Clear Creek Trail, enjoying Colorado’s beautiful weather during your free time. You decide to take a short detour off the trail to pick up a snack at a local convenience store, and then it happens: a driver doesn’t see you and hits you in the bike lane. What do you do next? How do you begin to put the pieces back together?

We can help. At Colorado Accident Attorneys, we fight aggressively to help our clients get the compensation they deserve. Ready to start your bicycle accident injury claim? Call us at 303-567-7981 now.

What Causes Bike Accidents in Denver?

Bicycle accidents in Denver are caused by a wide range of factors. While equipment failure and environmental conditions are possible factors, human error is usually the most common contributing factor. Negligent driving is a huge problem across the United States, and when a careless driver causes a bike accident, the bicyclist bears the brunt of the consequences. Some of the most common driver errors leading to bicycle accidents include distracted driving, driving while impaired, failing to yield right of way, and failing to see a bicyclist in the bike or turn lane.

However, it’s important to note that bicyclists can also contribute to these collisions. When cyclists ignore traffic laws, ride against traffic, ride without reflective lighting at night, or ride in an erratic or unpredictable way, they may be totally or at fault for accidents.

There has been some local research conducted on these issues. An article on bicycle accidents in Denver found that motorists generally contribute to crashes by disregarding stop signs, driving carelessly, and failing to stop at a red light. They note that when bicyclists are at fault, it’s generally because they don’t stop at a sign, fail to stop at a traffic light, or do not yield when they should.

Bicycle Laws in Colorado

Knowing the laws affecting bicyclists can help you stay safe and minimize your risk of an accident. Bicycles are considered vehicles, and as such, cyclists must follow the same laws as motorists. You must ride in the same direction as traffic, follow all traffic signals and lights, and use hand signals when turning or changing lanes.

Cyclists are legally permitted to ride on roads. In addition, they can utilize bike paths and multi-use trails. When they use bike paths and other trails, they are expected to yield to pedestrians.

It is all too easy to ignore these laws when biking; just because you’re not in control of a multi-ton vehicle does not mean that you aren’t expected to follow the rules of the road. Not only does following the laws keep you safer, it also ensures that you will not face additional challenges if you are involved in an accident.

Steps to Take After a Collision

There are several steps you should follow after a bike accident in Denver. First, call the police and report the accident. The at fault driver’s insurance information is paramount to for your personal injury claim. Second, make sure to take photos of your injuries, your bike, and the car that hit you. Third, get checked out at an urgent care center or emergency room. Some injuries are not obvious right away, but they still require treatment. Finally, reach out to a Denver bicycle accident lawyer.

How Our Denver Bicycle Accident Law Firm Can Help You

Hiring the team at Colorado Accident Attorneys ensures the legal support required for success. To start, the personal injury claim process can be confusing and overwhelming—especially if you’re seriously injured. Additionally, the insurance company won’t give up the money you deserve without a fight. Without an attorney, it’s unlikely that you’ll know what it takes to prove your case and win that fight. We’ve seen how insurance companies approach these cases and we know what it takes to get them to take you seriously. As you focus on your recovery, we will investigate your accident, construct a strong case, and prepare for negotiations with the liable party’s insurance company.

Reach Out Today to Start Your Claim

If you have been involved in a Denver bicycle accident, you need to know what your options are regarding compensation in your personal injury claim. You have rights as a bicyclist. The sooner you connect with a Denver bicycle accident lawyer, the sooner you can start fighting for compensation. Reach out to Colorado Accident Attorneys online or call us at 303-567-7981 to get started.