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Colorado Springs Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Colorado accident injury lawyersLike many of the other cities in the state of Colorado, Colorado Springs has drawn in those who love to get around by bike or on foot. The mountain views, fresh air, and walkable nature of the city’s neighborhoods make this the ideal place for many outdoor enthusiasts. While the city government strives to make the city safe for bicyclists and pedestrians, negligence while driving is unfortunately, human nature.

However, you don’t have to fight for compensation alone after an accident. The team at Colorado Accident Attorneys is here to help you hold negligent drivers accountable. Schedule your free consultation now by calling us at 303-567-7981.

Preventing Pedestrian Accidents In Colorado Springs

Pedestrian-Auto collisions are such a prevalent problem in Colorado Springs that the local government has put out a list of safety tips to help both drivers and pedestrians improve road safety. They note that drivers should always anticipate pedestrians, especially since Colorado Springs is generally a “walkable” city. When it’s foggy or there’s inclement weather, be extra cautious and drive slowly enough that you could stop in time for a pedestrian.

If a vehicle is stopped unexpectedly, don’t assume that they’re not stopped for a reason. If they have stopped to let a pedestrian pass and you pass them on the side, you could hit the pedestrian.

Experts also emphasize the importance of being predictable—both as a pedestrian and as a driver. Following the rules of the road and obeying signs makes it easy for others to know what to expect from you and act accordingly.

Many Pedestrian-Auto accidents happen when a car is backing out of a spot or exiting a driveway across a sidewalk. Both pedestrians and drivers should be aware of the extra risk in these scenarios and be cautious. Drivers should pull out slowly, and pedestrians should double-check for cars before crossing a driveway or walking behind a vehicle.

It’s also recommended that pedestrians make eye contact with drivers when crossing. This provides extra peace of mind that the driver has seen them.

Causes of Pedestrian Crashes in Colorado Springs

When you look at any Pedestrian-Auto accident in Colorado Springs, a wide range of factors may play a role. Because distracted driving is more common generally, the risk for pedestrians is naturally increased. Drivers may also cause collisions by driving while drunk, driving while fatigued, failing to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks, running red lights and stop signs, and intentionally driving aggressively around pedestrians.

Pedestrians also contribute to a substantial amount of collisions. Common pedestrian mistakes include walking while distracted, jaywalking, entering the road from between parked vehicles, and walking while impaired.

Systemic factors contribute to the severity of some collisions throughout the country. For example, roads without sidewalks for pedestrians to walk on the roadway and put them at greater risk of injury. Roadways without clear lighting can also put pedestrians at risk of injury by misleading drivers. Furthermore, traffic lights without “Walk”/“Don’t Walk” signals or that fail to give pedestrians sufficient time to cross put them in significant danger.

How Colorado Springs Pedestrian Injury Lawyers Can Help You

When you decide to seek compensation for a pedestrian accident in Colorado Springs, your choice of attorney truly matters. Each attorney has their own approach to personal injury cases, and you want to work with a lawyer who is solely focused on what is best for you. Let’s be honest—a pedestrian-auto accident can be serious enough to change the rest of your life. The stress of negotiating with the at fault insurance company is no way to promote healing.

Instead, choose Colorado Accident Attorneys. We know how stressful this time can be and we want to make it as easy as possible for you. By taking over communication with the at fault party’s insurance provider, we will give you space to heal and focus on your recovery. At each step along the way, we’ll tell you about your options, how they may affect you, and what we recommend. Our goal is to get you a settlement or court award that lays the groundwork for your healing process.

Reach Out to Our Team to Start Your Claim

If a pedestrian-auto accident has left you injured and unsure of your next steps, don’t try to face the insurance company alone. They will do whatever they can to pay you as little as possible. Turn to Colorado Accident Attorneys for the help and support you need. Set up a time to talk now by contacting us online or calling us at 303-567-7981.