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Colorado Springs Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Colorado accident injury lawyersIf you’re a cyclist, you know the thrill of zipping along Colorado Springs’ beautiful bike trails and exciting downtown area. Unfortunately, a negligent motorist can change your view of biking. The team at Colorado Accident Attorneys has seen how bike accidents can leave cyclists permanently injured, struggling with emotional trauma, and in serious debt.

You don’t have to go through this alone. With the team at Colorado Accident Attorneys by your side, you can demand the compensation you are owed. Give us a call at 303-567-7981 to schedule a free consultation.

How Bicycle Accidents Happen

Bicycle accidents play out in a number of ways, depending on where in Colorado Springs you are and what type of riding you’re doing. Some of the biggest contributing factors to bike accident include:

  • Reckless driving: Unfortunately, drivers are often the main reason bicyclists suffer such significant injuries. Drivers may be unaware of bicyclists’ rights, unsure of how to drive safely around bicyclists, and complacent when it comes to their own driving habits. Many accidents are the result of a fatigued or impaired driver, a distracted driver, or a driver that is in a rush and fails to follow basic safety protocols.
  • Unsafe equipment: Equipment failures can also lead to collisions or make collisions worse. A poorly maintained bike can give way at any moment, causing the cyclist to fall into traffic. When bicycle components are poorly made or designed, the manufacturer could be liable for any injuries that follow.
  • Poor weather conditions: Colorado weather can be unpredictable, and when it turns on a dime, bicyclists often pay the price. Snow, wind, rain, and ice significantly ramp up the likelihood of a crash. Bicyclists and drivers alike must change how they navigate when conditions change.
  • Unsafe roads: Gravel, potholes, debris on the road, and insufficient road signage can all put bicyclists at risk of falling or being hit.

Injuries Commonly Reported After Bike Accidents

There are over 130,000 injuries reported from bike accidents every single year. Bicycle accident injuries vary widely in type and severity. Some of the most widely reported injuries include:

  • Head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries: While anyone can suffer a head injury in a bike accident, the most serious outcomes are often reserved for those who ride without a helmet. Despite this, even bicyclists who do use helmets should seek immediate medical care after a crash.
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Injuries to the back and neck
  • Broken bones
  • Abrasions, cuts, and scrapes
  • Bruising
  • Internal injuries, including internal bleeding
  • Lower extremity injuries: The lower half of the body is likely to be significantly injured in a bike accident, simply because it’s common for the legs and feet to get caught in the pedals and handlebars as a bicyclist falls. This force can lead to bone breaks, muscle tears, and other injuries.

What to Do After a Bike Crash

After a bike accident, your first priority should be making sure that you are safe and healthy. Contact the police to report the accident and get an officer on the scene. Before you leave, get the driver’s contact information and insurance information. If possible, you should go straight from the scene of the accident to a medical facility to get checked out by a doctor. This allows you to begin treatment right away. Your next call should be to a Colorado Springs bike accident lawyer.

Why You Need a Colorado Springs Bike Accident Lawyer

After your bike accident, you may be left reeling. You’re injured, your bike may be totaled, and you know that this is going to cost you a lot of money. How do you move forward?

The first step is to connect with the team at Colorado Accident Attorneys. Our experienced personal injury lawyers know how a bicycle accident can completely change your life, and that’s why we’re committed to helping victims like you demand full and fair compensation. We will help you avoid the tricks used by the insurance company to devalue your claim, and we’ll uncover the important evidence needed to strengthen your case. As you work toward recovery and getting back to work, we will fight for the compensation you are entitled to.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Now

You have nothing to lose by contacting Colorado Accident Attorneys after your bike accident in Colorado Springs. Your consultation is completely free, and as we learn about your accident, we’ll explain how we can help you and what your legal options may be. You have enough on your plate as you recover from your injuries and try to move forward; let us handle the legal side of your accident. Set up your consultation by contacting us online or calling us at 303-567-7981.