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Boulder Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyer

Colorado accident injury lawyersRideshare experiences run the whole spectrum in terms of quality—one day, you might get a driver who keeps drinks and snacks stocked, puts on your music of choice, and keeps their vehicle spic and span. The next, you may have one who blasts their talk radio and takes speed bumps as a personal challenge. Perhaps the worst outcome of an Uber or Lyft trip in Boulder is an accident.

Luckily, you don’t have to go through this process alone. With the help of Colorado Accident Attorneys, you can pursue the full and fair compensation you deserve. Schedule a consultation now by calling us at 303-567-7981.

Laws and Regulations Affecting Rideshare Drivers

Rideshare has created many opportunities and benefits within the transportation world, unfortunately, traffic laws have taken some time to adapt to the rapid increase in it’s popularity. This left injured riders in a bit of a gray area after a rideshare accident. Most insurance policies do not cover accidents that happen when a driver is working, unless the driver has specifically purchased a rider for commercial driving. Luckily, Colorado laws are now very specific about what requirements drivers must meet and what type of insurance they or the rideshare company must provide.

To start, Colorado laws have a long list of requirements drivers must meet before they can take on a ridesharing role. Many types of criminal convictions bar a person from being a rideshare driver, as does a vehicle that cannot pass a mechanic’s inspection. Rideshare drivers must get their inspection redone every five years to continue working as a rideshare driver.

The law also outlines what type of insurance a rideshare driver must have when working. Either the driver or the rideshare company can provide this coverage, but most drivers just rely on what Uber or Lyft provide. There is no specific rideshare coverage when a driver is not logged into the app. When they are logged in and waiting, a policy with $50,000/$100,000/$30,000 limits applies. From the moment they accept a ride until they drop that passenger off, they are protected by a policy that provides $1 million in liability coverage.

Protecting Your Rights After a Collision

After a rideshare accident in Boulder, you should take the same steps you’d take after any car crash. We recommend:

  • Reporting the accident to the police
  • Getting the driver’s contact, insurance, and rideshare profile information
  • Taking photos of the accident scene
  • Getting contact information for any eyewitnesses at the scene
  • Seeking medical care at a local urgent care facility or hospital
  • Reaching out to an Uber/Lyft accident attorney in Boulder

Are You Entitled to Compensation?

There are no cut-and-dry answers to this question—you really need to talk to a rideshare accident lawyer to discuss the details of your case. A lot rests on whether or not you are able to prove that the rideshare driver caused the crash and that the crash led to your injuries. This is why we recommend taking pictures at the scene of the accident and reaching out to an attorney right away. The longer you wait to get legal help, the less evidence you may have available to you.

Benefits of Working With Our Boulder, CO Rideshare Accident Attorneys

After a serious car accident, there is a lot of money on the table—especially a rideshare accident, where you have multiple companies who are worried about getting tangled up in a legal fight. However, that doesn’t mean that actually getting the money you deserve will be easy. All companies want to minimize their financial losses, even when they are liable for an accident.

Perhaps the easiest way to get a fighting chance at a full and fair settlement is hiring Colorado Accident Attorneys. Our team of Uber and Lyft accident attorneys in Boulder knows how frustrating this process can be, especially when you are trying to recover. Our goal is to make this process as stress-free and easy as possible for you. While you focus on getting back to normal and healing, we will build a case that backs the insurance company into a corner. This often leads to a successful settlement. If they are still unwilling to play fair, we still have options. We’ll immediately start preparing for court and figuring out the best way to fight for you in front of a judge. Either way, you know that you have our full support.

Schedule Your Free Consultation With Colorado Accident Attorneys Today

Don’t let your Uber or Lyft accident in Boulder go unresolved while you struggle to cover medical bills, unpaid time off of work, and other expenses. We’re here to help you demand fair compensation for everything you’ve lost because of your accident. It’s easy to schedule a consultation and explore your legal options with Colorado Accident Attorneys. Just call us at 303-567-7981 or reach out to our team online now.