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Aurora Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyer

Colorado accident injury lawyersWhether you’ve taken an Uber or Lyft home from a hot spot in Aurora’s downtown, rely on rideshare services regularly for work, or were involved in an accident while traveling, you’re likely not sure what comes next. Who’s liable for your injuries? How are you supposed to cover the costs associated with your rideshare accident?

Working with an experienced Uber & Lyft accident lawyer is key when it comes to fighting for the compensation you truly deserve. Find out how Colorado Accident Attorneys can help you now by calling us at 303-567-7981.

What Makes Rideshare Accidents Different?

Rideshare accidents tend to be more challenging than other types of claims. To start, you have multiple parties involved—both the at fault driver and the rideshare company. You can expect both sides to deny liability and point the finger at the other party. Second, there are additional liability factors that may be present. In most car accidents, one driver or the other is liable. When a rideshare accident occurs, the rideshare company’s insurance company usually ends up assuming liability and paying out damages. However, the rideshare company itself could also be to blame—if they failed to run a proper background check on the driver or accepted a driver with a questionable driving history, the accident may fall squarely on their shoulders.

Important Rideshare Laws and Requirements

In the early days of ridesharing, the legal side of it was a little bit murky. People who used rideshare services and were injured in accidents often got bounced from person to person afterwards, with no one willing to cover their damages. As a result, legislators worked quickly to cement requirements for rideshare insurance coverage and driver safety.

Colorado’s requirements for rideshare drivers are roughly the same as those in other states. A driver must not have any criminal convictions that would bar them from employment, such as DUIs within the past seven years or any sexual offense. Additionally, they must be healthy enough to handle rideshare work—and have a doctor willing to sign off on that.

A safe vehicle is obviously an important part of rideshare work. Per Colorado law, drivers must have a certified mechanic’s inspection of their vehicle. Their vehicle must also be registered in Colorado.

Insurance requirements are now very clear, making it easier for injured passengers or occupants of other vehicles to understand what type of coverage is available to them. There are three types of coverage: when a driver is offline, when they are waiting for a ride, and when they have accepted a ride. If they are not on the app, their personal insurance applies. When they are signed onto the app but have not yet accepted a ride, they, or the rideshare company, must have $50,000 for bodily injury per victim, up to $100,000 per incident. They must also have $30,000 of coverage for property damage. When they have accepted a ride or are completing a ride, Uber and Lyft provide $1 million in liability coverage.

Why You Should Choose Aurora Rideshare Accident Attorneys

The days and weeks after a rideshare accident in Aurora can feel like a blur. You may have multiple doctors’ appointments, unexpected time off of work, and a to-do list that’s a mile long. However, talking to the team at Colorado Accident Attorneys should be one of your top priorities. Our team’s extensive experience with rideshare accident claims gives us the knowledge needed to fight for the compensation you are due. Rideshare companies and insurance companies alike are in no rush to provide reasonable compensation to accident victims, which is exactly why you need an attorney who puts you first.

We’ll investigate the accident, do a full analysis of the evidence, and craft a claim that puts your injuries in the spotlight. From there, we will use that evidence to start negotiations with the insurance company. While most car accident claims do result in a settlement, there are occasions where going to court is the best option. Whichever circumstance ends up being true for your claim, you can rest easy knowing that we will advocate fiercely for you the entire time.

Start Your Claim With Us Today

We understand how stressful the aftermath of an Aurora rideshare accident can be, especially when you are injured. Let us help you through this challenging time. With our experience in Uber and Lyft accident claims, we are ready to demand the compensation you rightfully deserve. Set up a time to talk to our team now by calling us at 303-567-7981 or send us a quick message online.