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Aurora Dog Bite Attorneys

Aurora Dog Bite Injury LawyerYou do not have to bear the risk because someone else wishes to own a dog, and a dangerous one at that. If you or a loved one have been injured in a dog bite attack, the Aurora dog bite lawyers at Colorado Accident Attorneys can go to the mat for you to get you full compensation for your damages.

While you have to prove liability, the fact that the attack happened may be enough evidence when you have suffered a serious bodily injury.

Even still, you would need to fight to receive a settlement that paid for all your injuries in the face of stiff resistance from the insurance company.

Contact the Colorado Accident Attorneys to learn more about how you can obtain compensation for a dog bite and how much you may deserve. We will learn about you and the facts of your case before we recommend a legal course of action.

Dog Bite Injury Statistics

Each year, over four million people are bitten by dogs. Roughly one-quarter of dog bite injury victims will need medical treatment for their injuries. While roughly 30-50 people die from these injuries each year, a much larger number of dog bite victims will suffer lasting impact that can change their lives.

Children are often injured much more seriously, on average, than adults. This is because up to 70% of dog bites on children are to the head and neck areas. Dogs are more on a child’s level because of their similar sizes, meaning that they can bite children in far more dangerous areas.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

Common Dog Bite InjuriesA dog’s jaw can pack a tremendous amount of force and power. Most dogs have jaws that are twice as powerful as humans, as measured in pressure per square inch. Combined with the fact that a dog’s teeth are extremely sharp (especially when they are puppies), and you can suffer serious injuries when the bite breaks the skin.

Common dog bite injuries include:

  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Nerve damage
  • Eye injuries
  • Bone fractures
  • Tetanus
  • Rabies

Dog bites can also cause infections within hours of the incident. Roughly 20% of dog bites can become infected because a dog’s saliva has over 400 strains of bacteria. If you have developed an infection, you need immediate medical attention because you could develop sepsis or other life-threatening complications.

How to Qualify for Dog Bite Injury Compensation

There are two ways to qualify for dog bite injury compensation in Colorado:

  • If you have suffered “serious bodily injury,” as defined by Colorado law, the dog’s owner is strictly liable for your injuries, regardless of whether the dog was dangerous or what the owner knew about the animal’s prior behavior.
  • If you suffered injuries that cannot be considered “serious bodily injury,” or you were injured when a dog attacked (without actually biting), you can receive a settlement when you can prove that the dog’s owner was negligent.

How Big Will My Dog Bite Settlement Be?

Your dog bite settlement depends on your own specific injuries. Some factors that could affect the size of your settlement include:

  • Whether you suffered any lasting emotional injury or trauma
  • How much you were making before the injury and whether you missed time from work
  • Whether you suffered scarring in a prominent place
  • How much medical care you needed in the past and future (including reconstructive or plastic surgery)
  • The physical pain caused by the dog bite injury

Your attorney will study your situation, and work with expert witnesses when necessary, to estimate the amount of your damages.

How Our Dog Bite Law Firm Can Help You

Colorado accident injury lawyersAnytime that an insurance company is involved in your case, you are virtually guaranteed a difficult time. They will place barriers and red tape in your way because they want you to go away with as little money as possible.

Insurance companies try to prey on your anxiety, but they have their own set of fears. What really scares them is when you face them down with an experienced attorney who has a track record of results.

Our lawyers could help you by doing the following:

  • Investigating the circumstances of the dog bite and gathering evidence to prove your case
  • Quantify the amount of your damages after reviewing your specific circumstances
  • Draft and file your claim or lawsuit
  • Negotiate a settlement, or try your case in court if you cannot reach an agreement

Contact an Aurora Dog Bite Injury Attorney Today

Learn more about how the Colorado Accident Attorneys can help you by reaching out to us today. You can send us a message through our website, or you can call us today at 303-567-7981 to schedule a free initial consultation. The call is free, and you pay nothing unless you receive a settlement or jury award.